Proteus Rising is a speculative fiction novel written by Dr. Peter Dingus. Proteus Rising, ISBN 0-9785232-0-2, is a hard science fiction novel. It was published in 2006 and is his second fictional book. As a scientist-turned-novelist, the stories of Dingus feed from his real-world research knowledge. This rich scientific background adds validity to his speculative fiction works.

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Proteus Rising is a story set in the 24th century. It takes place largely on Mars with some off-planet and Earth-based scenes.

The timeframe is such that humans have been living on Mars for a number of generations. Consequently, they have taken on some different physical characteristics. Also, they are now seeking separation from their Earth-based influences as the military-industrial complex of old still impacts their lives and, to many, in a negative way.

In the heart of this social struggle, there is a surreptitious set of scientific developments that get thrust center-stage in the book. A scientist and his partner, a woman to which he's developed both professional and personal attachments, are facing a crisis. The scientist has developed the most powerful quantum computer to date and it is a grand source of artificial intelligence. This computational advantage allows him to develop bio-engineering capabilities beyond any known at this time.

One result of their scientific achievements is a small population of children with very advanced abilities. They are both very intelligent and not at all aggressive. Their special abilities get discovered by Earth-based bio-tech and military personnel and they are threatened by such advanced intelligence. As these negative forces impact the lives of the scientist and his partner, their secret source of computing power is also threatened.

All of these factors come together in a struggle that involves additional characters in the scientific and military community. Their conflicts lead to a battle of wits as the two sides seek to control the lives of the children and the power of the quantum computer.

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